Clarksville TN Dog TrainingThis dog training program is perfect for the family that wants to get a few things under control around the house.  Walking happily and peacefully without dragging you down the street.  Sitting and laying down when asked.  Waiting at doorways (including car doors and crate doors!) to be given the “okay!” to go.

And imagine being able to keep your dog from jumping on you when you come home (and your friends, too!), sitting politely when asked and even leaving things alone (or dropping your shoes and dish towels!) when you say.  They don’t jump on anyone, they don’t play bite everyone anymore, they don’t drag you down the street anymore.  They walk right next to you so even walking your dog is the fun, peaceful exercise you’d dreamed of.  Finally!

This program is typically achieved in about 8 weeks (with weekly lessons at Model Citizen) and includes:

Behaviors & manners like:Sit (and stay!), down (lay down and stay!), place (stay on a dog bed), off (to stop jumping), leave it, loose leash walking, sit automatically when you stop walking, climb, waiting to exit crate and doorways, manners when greeting people, staying calm in a crate.


Programs can be customized for your preferences, include needed training equipment, and payment plans are available through Square Installments.

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