Puppy Training for Clarksville TN and surrounding areasPuppies are supposed to be cute and fun 100% of the time, right? Well, not always so much! And all the things you’re hoping they grow out of… we can help you with those things now. That way you can have a puppy that grows up fond of listening to you rather than cementing in annoying habits from the start.

Play biting, house training, paying attention, dropping things and leaving things alone when you ask – and even calming down when you really need them to – that’s what we’re here to help you with!

Don’t struggle in a crowded group class or on your own.

This program includes 6 private 1-on-1 lessons at Model Citizen so we can help you personally with your puppy’s training, saving you tons of time and effort.

Behaviors & commands included: Sit (and stay!), down (lay down and stay!), place (stay on a dog bed), off (to stop jumping), leave it, loose leash walking, sit automatically when you stop walking, climb, waiting to exit crate and doorways, manners when greeting people, staying calm in a crate

PLUS: Schedule planning for potty training, help choosing crate size, teach puppy to respond to their name, engagement games to keep your puppy’s mind working, and other training for you and your puppy so you can make the most of this fun young age!


Programs can be customized for your preferences, include needed training equipment, and payment plans are available through Square Installments.

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