Model Canine Citizen Dog Training in Clarksville TN

Do you wish your dog would listen, even when you have people over and even when you go out to the park? And even when you don’t have a treat?

What about even when there are a ton of interesting things going on, capturing your dog’s attention?

It is challenging to do simple things, like take a walk down the street or through a park or sit outdoors at a restaurant in public, when your dog is not properly trained in obedience.

Having an obedient dog seems hard to imagine when your dog or puppy is barking, biting, misbehaving, or just not listening. Model Citizen Canine, Clarksville dog training, is here to help your dog learn obedience, and strengthen the bond between owner and canine. 

Together in the Clarksville, Tennessee area,  we’ll make sure your dog walks next to you so you have fun, peaceful walks, listens around the house – even when they have no leash on – and out in public, as well.

You will finally be able to truly enjoy having a dog!

Our programs for dog training in Clarksville TN are perfect for busy families, whether you have a few minor behaviors you’d like help with or your dog has more severe things going on.

Give us a call anytime and let us know what’s happening right now and what you wish would be happening instead. (954) 290 6729

Dog Training Programs

About Amanda

Amanda has been training dogs professionally for the last 12 years. She started with dog training in a sport called Schutzhund. It’s a three phase sport including tracking, obedience and protection. She competed in the regional and national levels with her Belgian Malinois, Rita, a rescue named for a hurricane!

Amanda researched Schutzhund clubs in her area and found a top level competitor and trainer in Phil Hoelcher. Phil had competed multiple times at national and world levels, so as a mentor, Amanda couldn’t have been luckier to find him in her area and willing to work with her.


Amanda Campbell