Model Citizen Canine

About Owner

Amanda has been training dogs professionally for the last 20 years. She started with dog training in a sport called Schutzhund. It’s a three phase sport including tracking, obedience and protection.  She competed in the regional and national levels with her Belgian Malinois, Rita, a rescue named for a hurricane!. Amanda researched Schutzhund clubs in her area and found a top level competitor and trainer in Phil Hoelcher. Phil had competed multiple times at national and world levels, so as a mentor, Amanda couldn’t have been luckier to find him in her area and willing to work with her.

Before working with dogs, Amanda went to a school in California that taught animal husbandry, and handling techniques for large cats, African Elephants and monkeys. This school gave her hands on experience and the ability to think outside of the box, and taught her to use operant conditioning. Training with Phil and handling exotics, Amanda was able to put her own system into play to guarantee fast results.

She has trained dogs for personal protection, narcotics, trailing and movie work. Amanda specializes with problem behaviors including potty training, jumping on people, aggression, digging and much more. This is more than a job for Amanda, it’s her passion and a life style.

Trainer Amanda Campbell

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