Success Stories

Amanda is amazing!!!  A true dog whisperer!!!

Brandi Walters

Sent our lab mix Ruby to Amanda for 6 week course.  Amanda trained her to listen and pay better attention with her newly taught commands.  Amanda showed us how to handle her on our own.  We were severely lacking consistency in this matter.  Ruby has a stubborn streak at times, so it’s always going to be a work in progress but with our new found info and Amanda’s course and help, we are on the right path.  Amanda is very profession and has your dog’s well-being in mind at all times.  We were having trouble with Ruby and her being a very finicky eater with digestive issues.  Amanda found er a dog food she absolutely loves and as no stomach issues.  Thanks again Amanda, see you again on the home visit.

Cherie Rethlake

Amanda is the most honest, dedicated person and dog trainer.  She takes her job very seriously and always accomplishes what she promises, as long as the owners listen and follow through.  She has a passion for what she does and no matter what issues your dog might have, she will solve it with love, patience and determination.  I highly recommend her.  You and your dog will be thrilled with her training and happy you found her!

Judy Campbell

We picked Zeus up just a few days ago and he has been amazing!  Amanda did an amazing job with him and also teaching us everything we need to know.  Looking forward to the lessons we have now so we can learn more about training Zeus, THANK YOU!

Leo A Castillo

My husband and I were very impressed with Amanda’s program.  Not only because of the attention and level of dedication she applies to her programs, but also for her thoroughness and honesty.

We brought our 8 month old puppy to Amanda when I was at my wits end with his behavior, and though the program had her keeping him a little longer than I expected, I quickly realized that Amanda knew when our little man would be READY to come home and when was BEST for him to return for the test of obeying his mom and dad.  She is always available for major or minor concerts we have, and has no problem being honest when we have questions or concerns.  For example, my husband and I both had issues with our own reactions or play with our boy that would compromise his training, and Amanda did not sugar coat that fact to us.  She helped us figure out new ways of play and correction to bond with our dog that would help everyone be happy and health.

I would absolutely recommend her Unlimited Program to anyone interested.  I balked at the price at first glance but Amanda has already proven its worth, only two months later.

Erin Fordham

Good Luck Amanda. You did an amazing job with both my shepherds. I would recommend you very highly to anyone that wants their dog professionally trained. Lots of luck.

Michael Garber

I loved Amanda! Very skilled and trained, my puppy is a whole new puppy! So glad we decided to use her. HIGHLY recommend sending your dog to her! Thank you!!

Kailee Palmer

Highly Recommend: We had our 6mo old German Shepherd, Maverick, trained on basic obedience for four weeks. Amanda turned our little bundle of energy into an obedient and thinking member of the household. In addition, Amanda helped fine tune Maverick’s nutrition. End product from the training was better than anticipated.

Markus Aurelius

Thank you so much. Amanda was super professional and had great communication with us the entire time. She even gave us an extra lesson and 4 extra days free of cost just to be sure that our dog was up to her very high standards.

Keaton Johnson

We sent our 7 month old English Mastiff pup to Amandas 2 week basic obedience course. We tried to work with him but he was getting so big so fast and nothing we did was working! English Mastiffs are one of the toughest dogs to train. But Amanda did awesome with him! She has given Bear and us amazing tools and techniques, that will stick with him through his life and help him become a better dog for our family. Thank you!

Justine Hinton

Amanda has had our dog Baymax for about ten weeks! She has done such a great job with him!

Before we brought him to Amanda he would jump all the time, I could hardly pet him without being knocked down, he would never listen, and it was always stressful being around him. We got him home yesterday and he is a completely different dog!

My kids were able to play with him and I didn’t have to worry about him being to hyper. He listens so well and is doing a wonderful job being home again!

We highly recommend Amanda, she is amazing!

Tiffany D'Amato

Amanda is awesome! Very skilled and professional.

Had our 9 month old husky mix puppy Athena for basic obedience training and are so happy with the results! Great communication the whole time on our dog’s progress, let us come visit her, and worked with us on everything from the food we should be feeding her, ecollar training, to the basic commands. She even kept Athena longer to make sure she was up to her high standards and are looking forward to the home visit to check on our progress.

Will definitely send our other dog to her for some training on behavior issues and hopefully advanced training for Athena later on! So glad we made the decision to have Athena trained and found Amanda!

Gretchen Leao